Vent Covers Explained

Most people don't think much about vent covers. Those little things either seem like an aesthetic concern or a minor accessory you can add to your home. Vent covers, however, are much more than that.

They are an essential component in your ventilation system and can make your home much more comfortable.

To help you better understand the function of vent covers, we composed the following article. In it, you will find everything about choosing and installing the best vent covers for your home, as well as the main benefits of vent covers in general.

Understanding Your Vent System

Let's start with a simple question: what are vent covers? Basically, they are small items designed to cover vents in your ventilation system. The main reason behind even wanting to close the vents lies in the airflow. Vent covers are supposed to redirect the airflow from the ventilation system to where you need it the most.

To put things simply, some rooms in your house might need more or less cooling or heating throughout the season. By using specially designed covers to close the vents in areas where you don't need much airflow, you get to increase it in others.

Therefore, you can simply enhance the warmth or coolness in rooms you mostly use in your home, consequently increasing the comfort and lowering monthly expenses.

Types of Vent Covers

Your choice of vent covers can make all the difference in the overall performance of your ventilation system. There are three main types of vent covers available in the market today.

  • Basic Vent Covers. These are very common in both residential and commercial buildings. They are mostly made of metal and have some kind of grills. Basic vent covers sit on top of the vents and redirect air around the room. In most cases, these little pieces can't seal the vents completely, which makes them less efficient than magnetic vent covers.
  • Magnetic Vent Covers. These covers provide an incredibly tight seal. They fit over the vents or both vents and basic vent covers, redirecting the airflow completely. The best thing about them is the magnetic design that allows simple and secure placement.
  • Decorative Vent Covers. These make a fine amalgam of two previous types of vent covers. Considering vents are often placed in visible spots in the room, covering them with pieces in plain colors isn't always an option. That's why decorative vent covers are so useful. They can be either basic or magnetic and come in many shades and patterns to fit different interior designs.

Benefits of Vent Covers

Controlled Airflow

By installing vent covers, you get to control the airflow and decide what rooms in your house you want to warm up or cool down. For example, you might want to open vents in your living room and close the ones in your bedroom during the party, so you can keep your guests comfortable in summer.

This is also a great strategy for extremely cold winter seasons when you want to accumulate warmth in certain areas of your house.

Enhanced Aesthetic

We all know that air vents are not very pleasing to the eye. Inexpensive DIY covers don't help with the matter either, along with being inefficient in controlling the airflow. For a couple of extra bucks, you can get functional and beautifully designed vent covers to complement every room in your house.

Reduced Energy Bills

One thing you'll notice right after installing vent covers are reduced monthly expenses. More specifically, this is the main benefit of magnetic vent covers as they tend to seal vents tightly and prevent airflow completely.

The energy bills will be lower because you will control how much stress is put on the ventilation system, which will regulate the consumption directly.

Why Choose Eureka Air Vent Covers?

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