About us

Who We Are

Eureka Air is a small US based business that creates innovative home air products. We developed and sold our first product in the beginning of 2018 – the magnetic vent cover. We found that customers were dissatisfied with the quality of the air vent covers available on the market. Our team scoured the globe to locate a manufacturer that could make a flexible magnet that follow our strict standards; one that was more flexible and stronger than our competitors. Today we lead the market by providing the highest quality vent covers.

A Few Words About

The Eureka Air team has decades of experience designing sophisticated aircraft within the aerospace industry. We apply these same engineering skills to produce superior consumer products. Our team spends more time engineering and testing new products than our competitors, resulting in the finest air products on the market. We work with the manufacturing facilities across the globe to bring you superior products at a reasonable cost.

What Makes Us Different

At Eureka Air we innovate; we do not copy. We have one published patent and three pending patents and are busy developing new products today. As industry leaders we work hard to create new and unconventional products ahead of our competitors. We are always keeping your needs at the forefront of our creation process. Our team works diligently through the entire process of design, manufacturing, and testing, so that you are provided with the best, stronger and affordable products.